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Our Sales Policy


All sales are final when the animal leaves our property unless otherwise contracted. 


We only sell our goats in pairs unless you already have goats. Goats are herd animals and must have other goat companions. We also highly recommend two CMD puppies unless you already have LGD’s.  Livestock Guardians work best in pairs. We love our farm animal friends and it is very important to us that they enjoy a happy, healthy life at their new homes. 


Our baby goats are disbudded, tattooed, and up to date with CDT vaccinations. They are registered with the MDGA (Mini Dairy Goat Association) and with the exception of wethers, we sell all our goats with registration papers.   


We sell our puppies as working livestock guardians, first and foremost. Our pups are vet checked, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped with a lifetime enrollment in Save This Life recovery system. They are registered with the CMDA (Colorado Mountain Dog Association) and are sold with registration papers. View our Puppy Sales Contract here.

Arrangement and expense of transport are the buyer’s responsibility. If you don’t live too far, we are willing to meet you or a ground transporter up to 1 hour from our location. If you want animals shipped by air, we do ship out of Denver International Airport. It is the buyer's responsibility to call and confirm shipping availability and rates to an airport near them. We can provide a kennel for shipping for $80.00. We can provide a health certificate from a vet for a $50.00 fee.



We guarantee our goats and puppies are healthy and sound to the best of our knowledge when they leave our farm. We can not be held responsible in cases of illnesses or injury during or after transport and we can not refund an animal due to sickness or death after they leave our care.

We are more than happy to mentor new goat or puppy owners. Any questions that come up,  please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to give you advice. We absolutely love to hear updates on how they are doing and keep in touch!

Please keep in mind, if you ever need to rehome any animal purchased from us due to reasons other than animal illness, let us know and we may be able to network to find a new home for your animal. In the case of our Colorado Mountain Dogs, we request that you let us know before ever taking the option of sending them to a shelter or rescue. We would be grateful to have the opportunity to help you find a new home and job for your pup as livestock guardians.

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