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A Family Farm Affair


While growing up on a small farm in Michigan, I fell in love with farm life. The joys of hard work in the outdoors surrounded by the loving animals whom I cared for, gave me a deep sense of connection to Mother Nature. I enjoyed a childhood immersed in a world of whimsy on the farm. The silly antics of baby lambs and goats, playful puppy piles, horses kicking up their heels in delight, the daily gift of fresh eggs and milk, barn cats sleeping in the hay and honey bees working diligently. What a wonderful reminder that life is an adventure and meant to be enjoyed! This formative experience was reawakened as I started my own family here in the beautiful front range of Colorado. I yearned to share the amazing gift of farm life with my two girls. 


Ready to embrace the adventure, in 2015, we purchased a one hundred and twenty year old farmstead just west of Longmont, Colorado in the small town of Hygiene. It had a certain charm... It had loads of potential and an incredible view of the flat irons and twin peaks. It was also COMPLETELY run down and in need of some tender loving care! Luckily, I was married to a man who is dauntless and was willing to partner with me for the wild ride of establishing and running a farm business with all its challenges and rewards. 

Today we raise and breed Mini Nubian dairy goats, Indian Runner ducks, a variety of heritage chickens. We also have horses and barn cats here on the ranch. My parents joined the family run operation bringing with them their expertise in beekeeping. We sell raw honey and related products from our buzzing bees. We grow Lavender, Calendula, Lemon Balm, Mint and Raspberries for use in our handmade soaps, lotions and lip balm. We also sell fresh, pastured chicken and duck eggs. In spring and summer we often have darling Mini Nubian goat kids, ducklings, chicks, and available for new homes. 

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