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Our Colorado Mountain Dogs

Odie, Luna and Roxy are quite the livestock guardian pack! Our fluffy polar bear dogs keep the predators in check here at the farm. They take their job very seriously and have a calm, loving disposition that can not be beat!

Meet Odie


Our Odie is beautiful, mellow, sweet and loving to animals and people alike. A F2 registered Colorado Mountain Dog, Odie is 3/4 founding dog Caspian, who inspired and started the Colorado Mountain Dog breed. Just like his pa, he is a magnificent boy! His presence on the farm is akin to having our own guardian angel. Odie is a hardworking guardian of our livestock, as well as a loving family dog! He happily accepts our human visitors while barking and chasing away land and air invasions by wildlife. He is very mellow and barks only when chasing off a predator. He loves to nap in the shade of the cottonwood trees during the quiet afternoons and is up most of the night keeping vigil over the goats. 

Odie has retired from Stud Service. He has produced some amazing pups including our very own Roxy. You can view Odie's CMDA Pedigree. Here are Odie's excellent OFA hip certification.

Meet Luna 


Our Luna is a lovely, devoted, mellow livestock guardian. Luna Petunia is very dedicated to her goaties. She stays in the goat pen at night and guards in the pasture during the day staying close and always watchful. She loves to perimeter walk the entire property 4 or 5 times a day. It is so reassuring and adorable watching the pack walk side by side along the fence line to the south property line and back together! Luna also enjoys going hiking and paddleboarding with the family! She is such a cool girl, smart, loyal and hardworking. She is a F2 registered Colorado Mountain Dog with Caspian on her dams side five generations back. She brings in a complete outcross on her sire's side, the outstanding CMD foundation dog, Crack O’ Noon Glenstorm. He is 50/50 Maremma/Pyrenees. You can really see the Maremma breed in Luna. Maremma Sheepdogs are a breed originating in Italy. Similar in appearance to the Great Pyrenees, respectful of fences and they are a "close in" guardian breed, content to stay close to their stock. These qualities are so true of our Luna.

You can view Luna's CMDA Pedigree. Here are Luna's good OFA hip certification.

Meet Roxy