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Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

The Mini Nubian dairy goat breed is a hybrid between a Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf. What the Nubian breed brings to the cross is a high milk yield and 2nd highest butter fat content, the distinguished roman nose and those adorable floppy ears. The Nigerian Dwarf breed brings the smaller stature, highest butterfat percentage and the chance for blue eyes! This fairly new breed of dairy goat fits our small family farm perfectly. Their size is much more manageable than a purebred Nubian. My daughters show them in our local 4-H program and they are easier for a child to handle. They make us plenty of milk for drinking, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and soap making.


We love the size of our dairy darlings and their long Nubian ears.  We love their peaceful and outgoing personalities. We love that they come in all colors, patterns and spots.  In addition to the healthy milk they provide, they bring delightful whimsy to our life on the farm. 

Our Herd Management


Our Mini Nubian herd is turned out on pasture daily weather permitting. They are provided grass hay with some alfalfa in their pen. During pregnancy and lactation, our does are fed a high quality organic dairy goat grain. They have access to free choice minerals. All our goats are CDT vaccinated annually. After they turn one and annually, we test for CAE, CL and Johhnes. Every 3 years we test for Brucellosis and TB. We quarantine and test any new goats before they join our herd. All our Mini Nubians are G6S negative by test or parentage. They are registered with the MDGA (Mini Dairy Goat Association) and with the exception of wethers, we sell all our doelings and bucklings with registration papers.


We have made it our goal to breed for correct conformation, breed character and heavy milk production. We also prioritize friendly, laid back temperaments. Our dairy goats are fun companions that are affordable for the average family.   

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