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Colorado Mountain Dogs


Living in Colorado, we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife. Our first week on the farm, we had a visit from several coyotes just stauntering up the drive like they owned the place. Our daughter went out to feed the chickens and came running back to the house because a bobcat jumped out of the irrigation ditch that runs through the barnyard! Great horned owls and redtail hawks nest in the large cottonwoods on the westside of the property. One of our beehives was knocked down and disassembled by what we guess was a bear. Our south property line backs to Boulder County open space and a large ditch runs year round. The perfect highway for mountain lions! Needless to say, our livestock needed some big dogs for protection!


Livestock guardian dogs (LGD's) are bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. There are many breeds of livestock guard dogs. Some LGD breeds have a bad reputation for wandering, barking and aggression toward people. We definitely wanted to avoid all that. It was very important to us that our livestock guardians be family-oriented, child-friendly, and accepting of visitors. We had heard from several fellow ranchers that Colorado Mountain Dogs were their favorite choice of livestock guard dog. The Colorado Mountain Dog is bred with temperament being the highest priority. ​The most unique trait of the Colorado Mountain Dog LGD breed is its predictable acceptance of human visitors. They are ideal for family farms and ranches where a mellow, friendly, livestock protector is needed

Click here to learn more about the Colorado Mountain Dog Association.

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